MCITP (Microsoft Cer­ti­fied IT Pro­fes­sional) in Lon­don

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No.Course NameStart DateEnd DateTotal SeatsAvail­able Seats Enrol­ment
1MCSE Server 201214th March 201517th May 201573Open



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Sec­tion A Extras Essen­tial Skills:


  • Intro­duc­tion to Cabling Technology
  • Strait cable
  • Cross Cable
  • Voice Cable
  • Cable Test­ing
  • Make Con­nec­tion between Devices via Cables


  • Intro­duc­tion to VMware
  • VM ware dif­fer­ent categories
  • VM ware Machine Installation
  • Edit VM Ware
  • VMWare Con­fig­u­ra­tion
  • VM Ware Net­work Configuration

Nor­ton Ghost Image System

  • What is Image?
  • What is Nor­ton Image
  • Make a Sys­tem Image
  • Make a par­ti­tion to par­ti­tion Image
  • Make a Disk to Disk Image

Lab Setup with Linux Core

  • Basic Linux Instal­la­tion for Lab Purpose
  • Setup Online Remote access for Lab
  • Basic Com­mands

Sec­tion B MCITP Enter­prise Admin
IT Bolts MCITP Proven success

70–680 TS Win­dows 7 Administration

  • Intro­duc­tion to Win­dows 7
  • Instal­la­tion of Win­dows 7
  • Deploy­ment and man­age­ment issues
  • Stor­ages types their operation
  • Net­work­ing management
  • Secu­rity Issues
  • Resources Shar­ing and their access
  • backup and recovery
  • Per­for­mance and tweaks
  • Exam prepa­ra­tion and goals


70–640 TS Win­dows Server 2008 Active Directory

  • Intro­duc­tion to server 2008
  •  Instal­la­tion of Server 2008 R2
  •  Intro­duc­tion to Active direc­tory and configuration
  •  DNS Instal­la­tion and Configuration
  •  Cre­at­ing and man­ag­ing the AD Objects
  •  Utilise and access Net­work resources
  •  Con­fig­ur­ing and man­ag­ing GPO’s
  •  Admin­is­tra­tive Con­trol of AD
  •  Backup and Recovery
  •  WAN issues and deal­ing with dif­fer­ent locations
  •  Upgrad­ing AD infrastructure
  •  Work­ing with dif­fer­ent Domains and trust rela­tion standards
  •  RODC (Read only Domain Controller)
  •  Active direc­tory LDS(Light weight Direc­tory Services)
  •  CA (Cer­tifi­cate Authority)
  •  Exam Prepa­ra­tion and Goals


70–642 TS Win­dows Server 2008 Infrastructure

  • Intro­duc­tion to Server 2008 infrastructure
  •  IP Address­ing with IPv4
  •  Intro­duc­tion to IPv6
  •  Add or sub­tract more Host or Net­work with (Sub netting)
  •  VLSM (Vari­able length Sub­net Mask)
  •  DHCP
  •  Con­fig­ur­ing and Man­ag­ing Rout­ing Services
  • Con­fig­ur­ing and Man­ag­ing IPSec
  • Con­fig­ur­ing and Man­ag­ing NAP (Net­work Access Protection)
  • Con­fig­ur­ing and Man­ag­ing Rout­ing and Remote Access
  • Con­fig­ur­ing and Man­ag­ing Firewall
  • DNS
  • File Ser­vices
  • Wire­less Networking


70–643 TS Win­dows Server 2008 Appli­ca­tions Infrastructure

  •  Intro­duc­tion to Appli­ca­tion Infrastructure
  •  Using of WDS (Win­dows Deploy­ment Ser­vices) for images deployments
  •  Con­fig­ure and man­age Hyper-V
  •  Stor­age issues in applications
  •  Con­fig­ure and man­age High availability
  •  Con­fig­ure and man­age TS(Terminal Ser­vices) and RemoteAPP
  •  Con­fig­ure and man­age Gateway
  •  Con­fig­ure and man­age IIS
  •  Con­fig­ure and man­age remote client services
  •  Con­fig­ure and man­age FTP and SMTP
  •  Con­fig­ure and man­age Server Server security
  •  Con­fig­ure and man­age Share­point Services
  •  Exam Prepa­ra­tion and Goals


70–647 PRO Win­dows Server 2008 Enter­prise Administrator

  • Intro­duc­tion to Enter­prise net­work Admin­is­ter­ing and plaining
  •  Plain­ing and deploy­ment of Hyper-V
  •  AD For­est Design and Func­tional Level
  •  AD Mul­ti­ple domains design and Functions
  •  Plain­ing and deploy­ment GPO’s
  •  Plain­ing and deploy­ment DNS
  •  AD backup and Recovery
  •  Plain­ing and deploy­ment CA’s
  •  Plain­ing and deploy­ment WSUS
  •  RODC struc­ture design
  •  Plain­ing and deploy­ment Remote Access
  •  Plain­ing and deploy­ment TS
  •  Exam Prepa­ra­tion and Goals

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